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Application Developers Alliance: Build Apps For Your Audience

Our hosts welcome Jake Ward, Executive Director of the Application Developers Alliance (ADA), who provides valuable advice for companies and marketers developing a mobile app for the first time. In his view it is important to bake monetization into your app design early on, but real success depends on the determination to build an app for your audience, not yourself.

Jake also tells us about the ADA, a global membership organization supporting developers as creators, innovators and entrepreneurs, and DEVSBUILD.IT, which provides developers, app makers, app marketers and other professionals a central resource to find answers about building a business in the app ecosystem.

On DEVSBUILD.IT, you can find:

Thousands of insights, tips, reports, and analysis.

Search tools to help you find events, service providers, and jobs.
Template business documents,how-to tips and resources to get started in the app industry.
Finally, check out the dates and cities for this years multinationalApp Strategy Workshop: Fundamentalsseries. These App Strategy Workshops, organized by the ADA, provide app developers, innovative startups and small app publishers the chance to learn about monetization, optimization, discoverability and tool integration from fellow startups and hands-on experts.

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