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Balancing Heavy-Hitting Game IP With Tight Timelines To Succeed In Soft Launch

Mobile gaming apps are a fast-moving space and pressure is high, particularly if your game harnesses blockbuster IP, to make sure your soft launch strategy covers the bases to be a massive hit from the get-go. Step-by-step, we learn how to succeed in the soft launch stage of your app and benefit from the vast experience of from Rose Agozzino, Senior Marketing Specialist at Ludia, the Montreal- based company that creates and distributes cross-platform interactive entertainment with mass consumer appeal. From the metrics to monitor to the images to feature to the pitfalls to watch, Rose, a Mobile Hero recognized for her app marketing expertise, shares her pick of growth hacks to help you rocket results in the soft launch. Rose also reflects on the traits and talents app marketers must cultivate to reach their stretch goals in 2019.

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