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#469_ Mobile Presence Podcast_Anil Malhotra_Brett Orlanski_Bango

Bango Shows How Marketers Can Survive The App-ocalypse And Bring Zombie Users Back To Life

Apple restricts identifiers, Google continues to phase out third-party cookies, and everyday marketers awaken to new challenges as they seek to address users that offer value for money. Some are calling it the end for audience targeting. Bango, a company whose technology and platform enables online payments for merchants and app developers, calls it the App-ocalypse! How can marketers survive in a world where app targeting is falling to ruins? In episode #469, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Bango CMO Anil Malhotra and Brett Orlanski, SVP of Product & Sales. They discuss how using purchase behavior data allows marketers to target audiences most likely to pay or make an in-app purchase. They also share clever ways marketers can reach and revive Zombie users who are no longer active and navigate the continued chaos ahead. 

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