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Brand Safety: What Mobile Marketers Need To Watch And Ask Their Ad Partners

Mobile marketers are more concerned than ever about brand safety and ready to take action to make sure their advertisements appearing in brand-safe environments. It’s all about ensuring the match between your advertising, your audience and where your ad appears. A hit will put your brand in front of potentially valuable users and consumers. A miss will burn money, not make it–or worse–harm brand image and integrity. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up Amanda Carvell, Digital Marketing Manager at RetailMeNot, a leading savings destination, connecting millions of consumers to the retailers, brands and restaurants they love, both online and in-store to talk about the need for complete transparency. Based on her experience as a marketing manager and a Mobile Hero recognized for her user acquisition expertise, Amanda She shares the questions mobile marketers need to ask, the policies they should follow and the importance of personal contact. In the case of RetailMeNot, an App Day for ad partners was a smart move that has produced positive results. Amanda also discusses the signs of ad fraud and what mobile marketers can do to drive app growth and retention.

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