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Chatbots Can Improve How You Market Your Company To Talent

The War For Talent is raging as companies across all verticals understand that the ability to attract, develop, and retain talent will decide whether they fly or fail. But companies are bumping up against a new reality in the war for talent: People want to find jobs and work in a way that more real-time and more like a conversation. Chatbots are gaining serious traction as a way to deliver on both counts, and our host Peggy Anne Salz from MobileGroove catches up with Luc Dudler, Founder and CEO of Jobpal, a Berlin-based tech venture specialized in the development of chatbots for the recruiting and talent acquisition. They discuss why chatbots are a fit for much more than customer service and how chatbots are blurring the lines between desktop, mobile, voice, text and–everything (!) Luc also reveals talks about the company’s top name clients in Europe and the U.S. and company plans to expand to Asia using WeChat as a platform.

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