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#429 CleverTap Vishal Anand, Chief Product Officer, CleverTap

CleverTap’s Product Chief On Why Marketers Need To Start Thinking Experience-First

These days, a me-too product may help you attract new customers. But it’s the ability to offer a consistently excellent experience – informed by analytics and customized to audience activity – that builds relationships to last. This requires marketers to build bridges between marketing and product functions — and it demands them to understand and map how their customers interact with their offer in real-time.  In episode #429, part of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Vishal Anand, Chief Product Officer at CleverTap, a leading customer retention platform powering more than 8,000 apps around the world. Straight from the company that wrote the playbook on engaging audiences with brilliant mobile products, Vishal shares valuable insights on reading between the lines in behavioral data, bringing it all together through personalization, and much more.

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