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Matt Tubergen Executive Vice President of Digital Turbine Media

Harness The Homescreen To Drive App Installs, Ignite Brand Interaction And Remove Friction

If you think the work to engage and convert app users kicks into high gear after the install, think again. This approach overlooks a golden opportunity to engage consumers on the home screen at the time of device activation. It’s a critical stage in the customer journey when Digital Turbine and its on-device media platform powers frictionless app and content discovery, as well as new opportunities for app marketers and brands to engage and monetize their audiences. In episode #438, part of our Reimagine Growth series, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Matt Tubergen, Digital Turbine’s EVP of Global Strategy & Corporate Development. Matt talks about the business benefits of engaging users on the beachfront property of the home screen, and the uplift companies can expect. He also reveals research around how life events impact user interest in setting up their devices and searching for new apps.

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