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Harnessing Psychology Basics To Boost Your Video Advertising And Storytelling Appeal

Video is a great way to engage and educate your audience—particularly when they are researching purchases or deciding which brands will earn their respect. You need to be there at the moment of truth with compelling video that tells a genuine story your audience will appreciate. It helps to harness psychology to deliver marketing that is both emotive and effective, and it’s critical to map your message to what your audience can—literally—handle.  Something as simple as using too many words in your video subtitles can be a dealbreaker, overwhelming an older audience with too much information. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with David Skerrett, independent digital and mobile strategic consultant with a long track record “solving problems through the imaginative application of emerging technology and experience” to walk through what you need to know to deliver amazing video that truly strikes a chord. David also looks back on his work with brands, startups, agencies and tech businesses—including Nike, Santander, and O2—for which he has earned over 130 awards, and looks ahead to how being people-first (not just mobile-first) will be what distinguishes the best marketers from everyone else.

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