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How App Developers Can Increase Engagement To Drive Forward Revenue

Most app monetization models are focused on driving purchases or delivering advertising–approaches that are a stretch for indie developers with small teams and limited budgets. But now there is a promising and proven alternative. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Chris Humphrey, VP of Marketing at Calldorado, the company equipping devs to benefit from the way users naturally engage with smartphones to communicate. Chris talks about the company’s multi-award-winning Caller SDK and walks us through how developers using Calldorado can use the ability to display detailed call information along with relevant features to enhance the app experience for users and increase revenues for their business. He also explains the challenges facing indie developers, details the importance of increasing customer lifetime value (LTV) and directs us to AppChat, the must-read resource devs need to keep on top of app news.

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