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Louis Tanguay, Managing Director, App Growth Summit

How App Growth Summit Deconstructed Event Formats To Drive Real Engagement

Global events have darkened the outlook for many event organizers. Still, App Growth Summit, an international invite-only conference series for mobile app growth professionals, has weathered the storm thanks to an approach that streamlines sessions, curates content and challenges convention. How can you plan and execute events that are edgy and educational? Why does it pay to get personal during interviews? In episode #434, our host Peggy Anne Salz drills down into key questions with Louis Tanguay, Managing Director at App Growth Summit. Louis, who has built a business on breaking the mold, shares candid tips you can follow to command your niche and outmaneuver the competition. He also highlights some of the big-picture topics you might do well to focus on in your own B2B content.

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