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How Bringing Mobile Web And App Together Allowed Apartment List To Boost New Users By 400%

 It’s an impressive accomplishment our host Peggy Anne Salz discusses in depth with Chris Chee, Performance Marketing Manager at Apartment List, a platform that connects renters with apartment listings through an online marketplace. Chris, a Mobile Hero recognized for his user acquisition expertise,  shares how understanding the user flow–identifying pain points and taking advantage of opportunities to deepen engagement every step of the journey–on the web and in the mobile app allowed his team to boost new users by a whopping 400% and drive a significant increase customer lifetime value (LTV). Chris also talks candidly about his daily routine, his personal career path and his advice to other marketers eager to generate more growth for their app and more revenue for their companies. We won’t give it all away, but we can say that a relentless drive to interrogate the data and desire to move beyond vanilla customer segmentation are talents and traits essential to success.

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