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How eComCon Is Taking Its “Programmatic Everything” Approach To The Streets

An estimated 65% of all digital ad spend in 2019 was programmatic. The numbers and audiences add up, but marketers also need to educate themselves about the pitfalls and work closely with their media agencies to avoid nasty surprises. We get the inside track on both from Marco Gerlach, Head of Business Development, and Christian Ratsch, MD and Founder of eComCon. The Germany-based pioneer saw the promise of programmatic – which makes advertising more targeted and buying more efficient – long before most agencies and got in early. They detail the ways eComCon is combining mobile and programmatic with Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising to reach new audiences and walk us through client case studies and key learnings. Finally, our guests share best practices sure to benefit all marketers everywhere.

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