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How Kumu powers “digitally influenced” commerce with positivity and messaging that matters

Internet-addicted populations of Millennials and Gen Z shoppers are poised to engage in “digitally influenced” content and purchases (through interactions with social networks and influencers) worth a whopping $4 trillion by 2022. It’s a huge market opportunity, but tapping this potential will require companies to rewrite the marketing playbook to emphasize the “aha” moments that keep audiences everywhere hooked. In episode #399 of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Roland Ros, the founder of Kumu. This livestreaming app counts a community of more than 5 million GenZ and Millennial Filipinos spread across more than 50 countries. Roland discusses the pivotal importance of trusted conversations and the tools marketers can use to achieve “authentic connection.” He also shares how he relies on CleverTap to track behaviors, patterns and architect a customer journey to make each member feel like an individual. The approach has allowed Kumu to reach “month four retention rates in the 40% range.

Image of Roland Ros, CEO & Co-founder, Kumu

We are in challenging and exciting times as marketers everywhere on the planet rewrite the playbook to drive positive results for their campaigns and their customers. To do both, we need guidance and good advice from marketers who freely share their expertise and experience. Reimagine Growth is a series equipping marketers to take charge of change in the marketplace — check out all the webinars in this series here and subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep updated as new webinars are added.

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