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#464_Mobile Presence_Joshua Shorter_M2Catalyst

How M2Catalyst’s Network Cell Info App Taps Crowdsourcing And Customer-Centricity To Grow Active Users by 2x

Finding the best signal strength can be a challenge, but Network Cell Info, one of a portfolio of apps from M2Catalyst, is helping users monitor, measure, and share cell network coverage data. The crowdsourcing approach doesn’t just enable users to have a voice in cell coverage; it also drives engagement and participation by simply being part of the network of users. It’s a winning combination that M2Catalyst Director of Marketing Joshua Shorter says has allowed the company to double the number of active users and grow lifetime value. In episode #464, part of the special retention marketing series sponsored by CleverTap, Joshua tells our host Peggy Anne Salz about the benefits of crowdsourcing data, the importance of A/B testing, and ways you can use App Store Optimization to create brand awareness and cross-sell other apps to users.

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