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How Marketers Can Move Users Through The Customer Lifecycle And Closer To The Key Action That Generate Revenues

Until now, marketing has been focused on executing campaigns and collecting data to determine how effective efforts have been. The ability to understand customers’ actions and, based on these insights, influence them to move from one stage to the next of the customer lifecycle has been a blindspot. It’s a disconnect CleverTap is addressing with an approach that provides marketers “true” visibility into how customers progress through defined stages, empowering marketers to make the right adjustments In real-time to deliver a great experience and drive revenues. Sunil Thomas, co-founder and CEO of CleverTap is back for an encore performance with our host Peggy Anne Salz. In this episode of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth, they talk about new ways marketers can develop emotive messaging, and explore the techniques marketers should use to map their user base to define lifecycle stages and move the needle on engagement strategies. Sunil also walks us through the Lifecycle Optimizer, a new tool that gives marketers a bigger picture of how different engagements influence users and ultimately increase retention.

Image of Sunil Thomas, Co-founder & CEO, CleverTap

We are in challenging and exciting times as marketers everywhere on the planet rewrite the playbook to drive positive results for their campaigns and their customers. To do both, we need guidance and good advice from marketers who freely share their expertise and experience. Reimagine Growth is a series equipping marketers to take charge of change in the marketplace — check out all the webinars in this series here and subscribe to the YouTube channel to keep updated as new webinars are added.

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