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Mile Grnacov, Growth Manager,

How Mercedes-Benz’ Bertha App Drives Results With Personalized User Journeys

Infusing marketing and messaging with personalization is always a plus. But mapping user journeys to align with how multiple customer segments interact with your app can get complicated as you add new features and functionality. Product improvements can attract new customers, but they also require marketers to cater to more customer segments and map more user journeys. So, how can marketers adapt and personalize communications to appeal to new users, educate valuable ones and ensure the entire customer base understands and uses the value they provide? In episode #431, part of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz gets the inside track from Mile Grnacov, a growth manager at Mile manages Bertha, the fuel app from Mercedes-Benz that helps users save time and money by easily finding the cheapest, closest, and favorite station to fill their tank regardless of the car they drive. He talks about the addition of contactless payments and how his team uses personalized marketing and user journeys to communicate the benefit to customers. He also shares valuable insights on segmentation, onboarding, and why marketers have to listen to what their users are telling them through their behavior.

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