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Arkadiy Glazov, Paysend

How One Fast-Growing Global Fintech App Automates And Localizes 80+ Customer Journeys

Consumers are hooked on fintech apps, and time spent using them is off the charts. It’s a global shift in behavior that presents marketers with an unparalleled opportunity to engage customers primed to act — provided they also localize and personalize messaging to meet consumer needs. In episode #441, part of our Reimagine Growth series sponsored by CleverTap, we learn how you can do both from Paysend, a fintech on a mission to change how money is moved around the world and a pioneer in personalization automation. Our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Arkadiy Glazov, Paysend Product Marketing Manager, who shares a fascinating communications “matrix” that allows him to segment users according to how they choose to engage with messaging or not at all. He reports that the “retention rate of engaged groups is more than 10% higher than those not engaged” and shares tips to help you achieve such impressive results.

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