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Corey Jones, Co-Founder, Trebel

How Wildly Successful Music App Trebel Is Using Fun Playlists And Personalization To Keep Users Loyal

Lockdown leaves people with more time than ever to explore and enjoy music on mobile devices. Providing listeners choice is important, but it’s also a bonus to surprise users with fun playlists supported by personalized messaging to pique their interest. From one-hit-wonders to Dogecoin soundtracks, the sky is the limit if your messaging strikes a chord with your target audience. In episode #433, part of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Corey Jones, co-founder, and head of music and engagement at Trebel. The ad-supported music app is growing rapidly, breaking barriers and bringing free streaming to users who prefer not to buy a subscription. Corey shares the secrets to some of Trebel’s most successful cross-channel campaigns, as well as priceless insights on benchmarking engagement and metrics to watch to make sure listeners keep tuning in, not dropping out.

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