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Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla

How Yummy Is Personalizing Experiences To Grow Revenue And Retention

If you’ve ever ordered food delivery or hailed a ride in Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, or Panama, then you know how ubiquitous Yummy is. They boast a 2,860% year-over-year growth in completed orders. It’s quick and quality service that keeps customers loyal and caught the attention of fast-food chain KFC, which has negotiated an exclusive deal with Yummy in Venezuela. What are their secrets to this massive growth? How does Yummy map events in the app drive repeat purchases and high performance? In episode #457, part of our Reimagine Growth series sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Ignacio Carrillo-Batalla, CTO at Yummy, on what it takes to achieve super app status in Latin America.

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