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Influencer Marketing Grows Up: How To Make A Lasting Impression With Engaging Content And Experiences

Influencer marketing used to be about building the numbers, but now it’s about finding ways to engage audiences with content and experiences designed from the ground up to be genuine and genuinely compelling. Simon Haase, best known for his YouTube Channel ClayClaim and Macy Mills, head of Biz Dev at Gameinfluencer, a company connecting gaming publishers and influencers to produce creative content that will boost your game, share how they do both. Simon tells how he makes the perfect match between the popular game figures he creates using polymer clay on camera for his YouTube channel (which has received over 44 million views) with the KPIs that Macy says are top of mind with leading games companies and consumer brands. Together they share their surprising insights into what it takes to build influence, which platforms (YouTube vs. Instagram) pay off and how brands can boost audience and influence by embracing creative content and artistic freedom.

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