Mastering Individualized Engagement To Make Your Brand “Magnetic”

Individualized engagement is becoming integral to marketing success. A brand’s power of perception has shifted from the business to the individual, and marketers are feeling the pressure to ensure consistency across all the channels their brand is experienced—digital, in-app, and in the real world. Engagement and retention are critical and success is dependent on delivering campaigns and communications that are relevant, contextual, and timely, allowing a genuine, magnetic interaction that drives customer connection, reduces friction, and increases brand affinity.


This process can be automated, allowing marketers to define and action audience segments in real-time based not only on customer behavior but also—if you have the right solution working for you—customer intent. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Sunil Thomas, co-founder, and CEO of CleverTap, a leading customer engagement and retention platform, to discuss how marketers can more effectively wield retention marketing to drive positive results. Sunil also outlines how you can build a truly magnetic brand that attracts customers—and keeps them coming back.

Mobile Presence

Your customer is already mobile, so being mobile-ready and mobile FIRST should be your top priority. Whether you’re a brand marketer managing mobile advertising campaigns, an enterprise determined to super-charge your customer service, or an app developer focused on driving engagement with your app after the download, Mobile Presence is your destination for the trends, tools, and tips that will allow you to connect with your customers and increase revenues.

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