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Must-Follow Rules To Promote and Monetize Your Mobile App

Peggy returns from her speaking engagement the App Promotion Summit in London, a first-ever conference dedicated to how you can promote and monetize your mobile app, with insights about app engagement and a new guest. Mick Rigby, Founder and Managing Director of Yodel Mobile, a full-service strategic mobile agency headquartered in London, joins Kim and Shahab to discuss what developers, brands and anyone with a mobile app need to do to ensure their app discovery advertising isn’t a flop.

Mick brings practical insights and real-life examples to this lively conversation and reminds us that “the old marketing’ rules still apply.” You need to be clear , targeted, and have great creatives to achieve your campaign objectives and promote your app. And you need to be consciously aware that success in mobile where change takes place at breakneck speeds is fleeting. Test, learn, implement has to be your mindset. Mistakes will happen so fail fast and move on. Make your app useful and relevant and give the user the content and experience they want and make sure they come back!

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