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Laura Lo Schroeder, Nymbl Science

Nymbl Science’s Lo Schroeder Reveals How Marketers Can Boost Retention Through Hyper-Personalization

Falling is a serious problem for senior adults, but one app takes on the challenge. Nymbl Science, a top-ranked app in the health and fitness category, harnesses hyper-personalization and a novel approach to training to help users improve their lives. The app pairs simple physical exercise with cognitive brain puzzles to drive a 35% decrease in calls to emergency services for falls and fall-related injuries. It also hyper-personalized messaging to build trust and reach retention rates that are twice those in any the app category. In episode #460, part of the Reimagine Growth series sponsored by CleverTap, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Laura “Lo” Schroeder, Director of Marketing at Nymbl Science, to discuss how trust and empathy directly boost engagement and retention.

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