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#461_Mobile Presence_Jean François_Purchasely

Purchasely Co-Founder Shares How Marketers Can Personalize Paywalls To Drive Subscriptions

Marketing can never be one-size-fits-all, and that goes double if you have a subscription app. To reach potential subscribers in the right context and reinforce the decision to commit to recurring costs requires new thinking, flexible pricing, and a fresh approach to subscription billing models. In episode #461, our host Peggy Anne Salz talks with Jean-François (Jeff) Grang, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer at Purchasely. His company is making it easier for app owners to build a product catalog, set up in-app subscriptions, and optimize conversions. Jeff discusses surprising nuances you need to know to price your offers (for example, a free trial can hurt, not help your business) and why even paywalls require personalization if you want people to purchase without pain.

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