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 Gautam Nimmagadda, founder and CEO at Quixy

Quixy Shows How No-Code Tools Makes Companies Agile And Consumers Engaged

For consumers, mobile apps are the go-to for everything from shopping to streaming. For businesses, they are the on-ramp to agility and added value. Meeting the needs of both will require a massive number of new apps in an incredibly short time. Analysts reckon 500 million digital apps and services will need to be created by 2023. That’s where no-code comes in, empowering ordinary citizen developers to build apps and tools without having to know code or programming. In episode #441, our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Gautam Nimmagadda, founder and CEO at Quixy, a powerful platform for citizen developers to solve their unique challenges and bring ideas to life. Listen to Guatam to learn why the no-code is the New Normal and how citizen developers and enterprises can get in on the action.

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