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Second-Screening: Are Marketers Ready?

Second-Screening: Are Marketers Ready? In a world where people increasingly switch between screens, the role of mobile is also shifting. As a result, mobile is more than a way to deliver marketing; it’s a way to enable experiences that connect people with other digital screens, or the real world around them — or both. The hosts welcome Pratick Thakrar, Managing Director of Inspired Mobile, a U.K. company offering a mobile marketing technology platform worldwide, who talks about the wider trend to second-screening and the world of opportunity for brands. Inspired is a platform that can give brands and marketers much needed visibility into their campaigns and — more importantly — deliver the detailed analytics that allow them to gauge the performance of each channel.

We also examine the impact on marketers, who will obviously need solutions to execute and evaluate campaigns that span multiple channels, technologies, platforms and publishers. And we deep dive into some recent research to help you understand the shift underway in consumer behavior — and how to adapt to the change.

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