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Small Business and Mobile Marketing: Dissecting Marketing Challenges Entrepreneu

Small Business and Mobile Marketing: Dissecting Marketing Challenges Entrepreneurs Face as we begin a new mini-series celebrating small business triumphs and dissecting the many marketing challenges these entrepreneurs face kicks off with an analysis of a new report compiled and published by YP, North America’s largest local search, media and advertising company. From the pivotal role of local search (search engines and print and online yellow pages top the list of how consumers connect with businesses) to the increasing importance of social media tools, Shahab, Peggy and Kim walk us through 50 key facts about small business. For example, did you know a whopping 77 percent of small businesses have acquired a customer through Facebook?

They also discuss the future prospects for small business, and Shahab highlights the huge opportunity in educational content delivered via mobile (training and tips) as a new and novel way to attract and reward customers for interacting with your brand.

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