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Andy Ulery,Co-founder, Aequus

Solving the Monetization Gap With Mediation-As-A-Service Firm Aequus

The mobile app space is red-hot with acquisitions, sparking a whirl of chatter about who might get picked up next. For gaming apps, the key to driving up value is monetization, most often through ads. But how can gaming publishers work together with ad tech companies to compete and win in a market rife with uncertainty and distrust over conflicts of interest? In episode #435, our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Andy Ulery, co-founder of Aequus, a company forging a third way. Aequus calls itself the industry’s first MaaS (mediation as a service) model with 100% transparent subscription costs and no blind revenue shares. Andy talks candidly about transparency, mediation intermediaries, and the industry’s M&A & IPO extravaganza. We also chat about how publishers and brands can work together for mutual benefit, what’s next for ad tech after IDFA, and much more.

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