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The scary truth about SDK spoofing and how to watch your back against ad fraud

When marketers detect one kind of mobile ad fraud attack, the success is short-lived as smart fraudsters are sure to pivot to another. SDK Spoofing, a form of ad fraud where fraudsters are generating installs that look like the real deal, is perhaps the most frightening type of ad fraud because it is both incredibly elusive and expensive. Our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with Michael Paxman, Product Research Manager for Europe and Japan at Adjust, a global leading measurement company providing analytics, measurement and fraud prevention solutions for mobile app marketers worldwide, to discuss the scary truth about SDK spoofing. Mike explains why marketers can’t hope to put an end to SDK spoofing—ever. But marketers can beat fraudsters with an approach that makes sure their crime doesn’t pay. Mike also discusses a new update to the company’s free benchmarking tool that marketers can use to compare their apps against the rest and check if their own performance metrics are on the mark or missing targets by a mile.

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