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What Women Need In The Mobile App Business And What Women Want In Their Mobile Apps

In just over one year Ira Krachanovskaya has advanced from the position of Performance Marketing Lead at Badoo, the leading the dating-focused social network that allows users to chat, make friends and share interests, to take the helm as the Head of Growth Marketing. It’s a personal and professional journey that has given Ira profound insights into what women need to succeed in the mobile App Economy–a male-dominated industry characterized by an 80-20% gender split, depending on the report you read. Ira offers advice on the traits and talents women can tap to bridge the gap and shares experiences to help you improve your own leadership style. Ira also provides practical guidance around the mobile ad creatives and approaches you can use to attract and retain female users to your app, thus ensuring a healthy gender split in your audience and a positive outlook for your app.

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