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Your Crash Course In Engagement Marketing With Experts From And CleverTap

Effective marketing and messaging demand a personal touch–but during a pandemic, it’s table stakes. However, showing empathy at scale requires marketers to strike a balance between automation and customization. Personal insurance shopper has cracked the code, delivering “individualized” communications catering to nearly 30 different–and fiercely personal–customer journeys. In this episode of our bi-weekly series Reimagine Growth our host Peggy Anne Salz catches up with John Spottiswood, Chief Operating Officer at, a free, automated agent who takes the pain and expense out of car and homeownership. John shares the strategy that allowed his company to achieve a 20% bump in conversions. He also talks about changes he has observed and best practices for marketing in the COVID-19 era.

We continue our 2020 highlights show with a look at a new approach that provides marketers true visibility into how customers progress through defined stages. It’s all about knowing when and how to make the right adjustments in real-time to deliver a great experience and drive revenues. Sunil Thomas, co-founder and CEO of CleverTap, talks about new ways marketers can develop emotive messaging. Sunil also explores the techniques marketers should use to map their user base to define lifecycle stages and move the needle on engagement strategies. Finally, he walks us through the Lifecycle Optimizer, a new tool that gives marketers a bigger picture of how different engagements influence users and ultimately increase retention.

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