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Nutrition Corp Founder and CEO Laureen Asseo

Nutrition Corp Founder and CEO Laureen Asseo talks to Dush Ramachandran about female entrepreneurship, millennial entrepreneurship and the risks and rewards of a startup. Laureen Asseo began Nutrition Corp. when she was 18 years old out of her kitchen. 

After years of consuming processed foods, Laureen’s father experienced a concerning health scare when he went for a routine check-up and his tests showed dangerously high cholesterol and triglycerides levels. It was time to take major action to turn his life around; Laureen then began a rigid plant-based and organic dietary plan, which eventually reversed her father’s condition and also resulted in massive weight loss.
Laureen began preparing hearty, organic and vegan meals for friends and family out of their own kitchen. As any woman on a mission, Laureen’s commitment relied on delivering food in home Tupperware containers until orders went beyond their existing network. Demand grew so rapidly that Laureen saw the opportunity to redefine the ‘woman in the kitchen’ cliché. Through creating a niche the market had never seen; Nutrition Corp. was born.

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