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Google Right Side Ads Removal and Quality Score

Google Right Side Ads Removal and AdWords Quality Score Impact discussed as David Szetela talks with Frederick Vallaeys from Optmyzr, who wrote about this in a recent blog post.

He explains, “Google made a big change this month in how it displays ads on its search results pages (SERPs). They will no longer serve text ads on the right side of the organic results, a location where there used to be as many as 9 text ads before. Instead of showing up to 11 ads on a page, there is now only room for 7 ads. While this is a 36% decrease in the number of ads that can show, I think this will result in 18% more clicks for advertisers without changing anything to their accounts. While the removal of ads may sound like a negative, I think this is a big win for Google and for advertisers.”

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