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A New Way to Ecommerce with WordPress with Topher DeRosia of BigCommerce

Ecommerce platform provider BigCommerce recently released an ecommerce plugin for WordPress with a really unique approach. The plugin leverages the BigCommerce platform to offload many of the workloads required for ecommerce sites in order to let WordPress focus on delivering great content with awesome performance.
This was big news in the WordPress community and was even featured during the State of the Word talk at WCUS. For this episode of PressThis, we’ve invited Topher DeRosia of BigCommerce to share how their solution works and how they think about the opportunity of offloaded ecommerce to help WordPress ecommerce sites.
We’re super excited for the chance to chat about this exciting development in the world of WordPress ecommerce. If you’re looking for new ways to use WordPress to generate revenue from direct sales or on how you can help customers of your freelancer or agency business win with WordPress and ecommerce, listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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