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Accessibility Isn’t Just a Compliance Strategy, It’s a Growth Strategy – with Jeff White of Kula Partners

Accessibility Isn’t Just a Compliance Strategy, It’s a Growth Strategy – with Jeff White of Kula Partners

Building a website following accessibility standards has always been a winning strategy, but recent updates in the world of accessibility illustrate the risks of non-compliance are increasing dramatically for brands and agencies. With all this increased compliance pressure and the relentless pressure to drive growth, many teams are asking themselves, “Am I actually doing all I can to deliver a great experience to my entire audience?”.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Jeff White of Kula Partners as he shares his thoughts around why accessibility isn’t just a compliance strategy, but a GROWTH strategy. Jeff discusses simple approaches you can use to beef up the accessibility practice within your team and to do so with a growth mindset.

Delivering a delightful experience to those who consume your website with screen readers, greyscale color vision, or those unable to consume audio is not just a cool thing to do, but is also a great way to optimize your site for valuable buyers who can help you grow and get great SEO benefits in the process. If you’re not optimizing for accessibility, you’re slamming the front door of your digital business in your customer’s face.

If you’d like to learn how you can take a growth mindset with your accessibility strategy, listen to this episode of PressThis now!

Interview Questions:

* What is your WordPress origin story?
* Briefly tell me about Kula Partners?
* Why is accessibility important to you?
* What are the challenges in getting brands to adopt accessibility?
* What are the SEO benefits of accessibility?
* What are the benefits to having content w/ better metadata (alt tags) outside of SEO?
* What are the challenges in getting teams to integrate accessibility into their workflows?
* Do brands optimize the UX and CRO for visitors consuming the website through accessibility features? Do they set it and forget it?
* If the audience remembered just one thing you said today, what would it be?

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