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Ad Monetization Strategies. The Balance of Suffering & Joy.

Join us as we interview the super-smart head of SEO of tronc Carolyn Shelby. Carolyn manages search visibility on WordPress media properties for the LA Times, Chicago Tribune, and more. In this episode, we’ll be talking ad monetization strategy. We’ll discuss how content may be king, but actual meaningful content rules all. Meaningful content is well researched, delivered with elegant presentation, and is a refined expression of a dedicated professional. Meaningful content isn’t a top 10 list and it certainly doesn’t come cheap. WordPress digital properties looking to support a business creating meaningful content need to create monetization strategies to fuel the quality of their content and continue to grow their audience. Listen now as Carolyn shares some of her thoughts on the strategy of delighting visitors and providing an engine of revenue to support meaningful content and growth for the properties you manage. Listen now!

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