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Authentic ways to Increase Speaker Diversity in your Webinars & Events with Jill Binder

If you produce technology-focused webinars, events, podcasts, or other thought-leadership media, you may from time-to-time find yourself struggling to book a diverse lineup of speakers. You might also be wondering how you can make sure those that represent your company as thought leaders are a diverse and inclusive group. These are great goals of course, but how do you go about this in an effective, authentic, and respectful way? In this episode of PressThis, we interview Jill Binder of Diverse in Tech as she shares her thoughts on how to build up a powerful and diverse set of speakers at your next event or within your company. Jill’s company specializes in helping organizations and event organizers build a great pipeline of eager, talented & diverse speakers. Jill shares her effective and thought-provoking strategies for increasing diversity in your events. These are the same strategies that have been used successfully by event organizers, WordCamps, and WordPress meetups around the world. If you’d like to increase speaker diversity in your events or with those who represent your company, don’t miss this episode of PressThis now! To learn more about what Jill is up to in WordPress visit

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