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CI/CD for WordPress with peter Suhm of Branch CI

Are you an advanced developer looking to optimize your CI/CD workflow with WordPress? Are you still beefing up your dev chops and are wondering “What the heck is a CI/CD”? In either case, you need to listen to this episode of PressThis now!
In this episode of PressThis, we interview the super-smart Peter Suhm of Branch CI about his thoughts on approaches and strategies for CI/CD for WordPress. For those that don’t know, CI/CD (continuous integration / development) is a set of principles and approaches that allow you to release better and more stable software more frequently.
Peter will cover his ideas around how to tackle the “build” and “test” phases of your workflow, what’s available for CI/CD in the WP world today,and what a well doneWordPress CI/CD workflow looks like.
If you’re trying to up your dev game, listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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