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Create traffic from traffic. Optimizing content discovery on the sites you build with Bibblio’s Mads Holmen

“If you’re looking for more ways to make visitors stickier for your own or your client’s sites, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. We interview Bibblio’s Mads Holmen about strategies you can use to make the content you already have more attractive to the visitors you also already have. The cheapest visitor to get is the one that’s already there!
Mads shares his thoughts on optimizing your content funnels, how recommendation and personalization plays a key role, the most successful approaches to content discovery, and what the future holds for site creators to create stickier and more joyful content experiences. If you’re out of ideas on how to increase pageviews, loyalty, leads, sales or any other value metric relative to you or your customers’ on-site content strategy, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. Listen now!”

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