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Creating Captivating Video Captions with Meryl Evans

If you find yourself creating more video content than ever, don’t forget about adding captions!

Captioning your content can be a great way to capture viewers who aren’t using audio at the time they are viewing your video or of course making your video content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing. The bottom line is that captioning makes your videos more valuable and well… captivating.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Meryl K. Evans of Digital Marketing, one of the world’s leading experts on video captions. Meryl’s first encounter with captions came in 1983 when she received a closed-caption decoder. Because she depends on captions to follow the video, she has seen the best and worst of captions. Fast forward decades later, Meryl’s digital marketing career has come in handy in educating people about captioning video calls, the benefits of captioning videos, and captioning videos well.

Meryl shares her pro tips on making captivating captions in this episode of PressThis. If you’re looking for an edge up in your video strategy on WordPress sites or beyond, don’t miss this episode. Listen to or read the transcription of PressThis now!

Find the full episode transcription here.

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