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Creating highly customizable and growth-focused WordPress sites with Mark Atli of Dreamers of Day

“In our last few episodes of PressThis we’ve been discussing the role of the new block editor in WordPress and “”how brands & agencies are winning with Gutenberg””. In this episode, we build on that topic with an interview with Mark Atli of digital production agency Dreamers of Day about how they use block-based approaches when building highly-customizable and growth-focused solutions for their agency clients.

Mark shares his thoughts around surprises his team found when working with clients and how they *actually* used the sites DOD built, how block-based approaches made it easier to make sites more useful for clients, and how that helped DOD’s clients GROW!

If you’re looking for ideas for how your agency or freelance business might leverage block-based approaches to empowering customers, listen to this episode of PressThis now!”

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