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Diving deeply into Google Analytics with Justin Cutroni

Let me give you some advice first: listen to this podcast with your Google Analytics account open and in front of you. Justin Cutroni, this weeks guest, is an asbolute expert on Google Analytics, and he shows by explaining in a very easy way the most fascinating new functions that Google Analytics has to offer and which reports you as a blogger can use to improve your blogging.

The show discusses loads of features, from Advanced Segments and Custom Variables (and how nicely they’re integrated into yours trulies new version 4 of his Google Analytics WordPress plugin) to the new Intelligence and Alerts tab. Not only does he explain the concepts, there are some very practical tips, like:

How to create an advanced segment to find the content on your site that is generating most AdSense revenue.
How to create an alert for sudden traffic spikes from referring sites.

If you’re serious about blogging and are using Google Analytics, or want to start using it, the hour listening to this podcast is well spent!

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