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Don’t fly blind. Get meaningful feedback from clients with Aloke Pillai of Pastel

If you’re an agency, freelancer, or work on an internal digital team, getting accurate and meaningful feedback from your clients can mean the difference between a comfortable life filled with happy customers and an endless quagmire of confusion resulting in you doing and and then redoing your work… over.. and… over… again… Arghhh!
We’ve all been there or are even there right now. It’s an icky place to be and definitely not fun.
In this episode of PressThis we interview Aloke Pillali of Pastel (a client feedback platform) to explore strategies for optimizing your client feedback approach. Aloke will share tips for getting meaningful feedback from clients and how you can use that feedback to get to the heart of what matters and comfortably deliver exactly what your clients need.
We explore healthy approaches to eliciting feedback, when and how to ask for feedback, and what you should do when dealing with clients with different levels of digital proficiency.
If you haven’t taken time recently to optimize your feedback funnel, get some actionable ideas from someone who lives and breathes optimizing client feedback funnels every day. Listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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