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G’day! Learn about the wonderfully-vibrant WordPress Community in Australia and APAC with Ricky Blacker

WordPress now represents more than 35% of all global websites and is growing more every day. A huge chunk of that growth is being generated in Australia and the greater APAC region, but you might be wondering how is that happening and who are the people behind supporting the community and driving that growth?

In this episode of PressThis we interview Ricky Blacker of WP Engine about his volunteering and leadership work within the Australian and APAC WordPress communities. Ricky explains how organizing WordPress meetups and WordCamps in Australia works in a unique way to support organizer’s Australia-wide and surprising observations on what’s driving the growth of WordPress in APAC.

If you’re an Australian / APAC native and want to learn more, or if you’ve always wondered what the WordPress community is like in Australia or APAC, listen to this episode of PressThis now!”

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