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Google + WordPress, The Matt Cutts Point of View

Matt Cutts is a Software Engineer who heads the web spam team at Google. Matt has been using WordPress for years and feels WordPress makes search engine optimization easier and easier with each update. On today’s show he highlights the fundamental principles of success for blogging with WordPress. And addresses questions like:

How do I get started?
What tools do I need?
Why choose WordPress?
Which WordPress plugins do I need?
Do meta tags matter?
How do I know what content readers want?
How do I generate unique content – the way Google wants it?
What about duplicate content?
Have I been banned or penalized? Why haven’t I been indexed?
Do 301 (permanent) redirects “lose” any page rank?

Want more? Matt promised to return in the future to tackle more of your questions sometime after his trip to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Meanwhile check out lots of helpful videos on YouTube.

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