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Hosting Awesome Virtual Events with Mega WordPress Virtual Event Organizer Jan Koch

The global lockdown has forced many of us to brush up on our virtual event skills in a hurry. If you’re like most people, you’re piecing together these skills as you go, but you may be wondering “What does it look like to have a thoughtful and effective virtual event strategy?”.

In this episode of PressThis, we interview long-time mega WordPress virtual event organizer Jan Koch of Virtual Summit Mastery. Jan has been organizing virtual events since 2015 bringing together over 10K attendees from 110+ countries. Jan shares his wealth of experience and methods for hosting awesome AND effective virtual events.

If your virtual event strategy has been cobbled together over the last few months and is in desperate need of a tune-up, don’t miss out on learning from Jan’s incredible wealth of experience. Listen to this episode of PressThis now!

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