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How doing less can grow your agency business with Sara Dunn

Are you at your whit’s end servicing clients? Are you overworked, frustrated, and struggling to grow? Running an agency or freelancing business is hard. There is a never ending sea of things to do between you and growth. The hardest part of running an agency business is that the more you grow, the list of things to do exponentially increases! In this episode of PressThis, we interview the super smart Sara Dunn of 11WEB as she shares her ideas around achieving growth by doing less. Sara will share how focusing the services you offer can help you deliver more value to your customers and more value to your business. You’ll learn how to think about your business in ways that can help make your life more livable, your employees happier, your customers delighted, and your bank account full. Drop the hamster wheel for a bit and take some time to learn how to to use less as a driver of growth on this episode of PressThis!

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