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How to sell your freelance developer services, from a developer who had to learn to sell.

Are you running your own development-focused freelance or small agency business? Have you mastered the skills to sell your services and close the right kind of clients to keep you growing? Selling your services can often be an uncomfortable or even often overlooked area when managing a development focused freelance or small agency businesses. Of course, these are some of the very skills you’ll need to keep your billable hours full and money adding to your bottom line!
In this episode of PressThis we interview popular WP community contributor John Housholder as he talks about his trasition from a developer centric role to one focusing on helping to drive growth. John explores the challenges of shifting contexts, getting around the fear of talking to people, and coming to terms with the important role of sales in helping a business move forward.
As a former freelance developer, John has been in the trenches and his insights into how to approach sales conversations in efficient and effective ways are a must hear for any freelance developer wondering.. “How am I going to do this sales thing?!”.
If you’re struggling with how to up your sales skills to support your growing freelance or agency business, don’t miss this episode of PressThis!

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