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How Google is Helping Make WordPress Core FASTER with Thierry Muller

WordPress is a powerful platform that provides a near endless list of possibilities when building out a digital presence online, but poor performance can be a barrier to your success on the web if you’re careless with your builds or hosting your site in the wrong environment. That said, what about WordPress core itself? What can be done to make WordPress even faster?

In this episode of PressThis, we interview Google’s Thierry Muller about the work he’s doing on the WordPress core feature plugin Performance Lab and why he believes Performance Lab can be a pathway to making WordPress core faster than ever. Theirry shares what Performance Lab is, how its features may eventually make their way into core over time, what performance features they’re testing now, and what performance features they’re considering for the future.

If you’re curious about the future of WordPress performance, or even how you can help make that future a reality, don’t miss this episode of PressThis. Listen now!

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