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Learn how to pitch WordPress, from someone who JUST decided to use WordPress as their primary CMS with Eric Sharp

I’m sure you’ve heard someone give a “why WordPress” or “how to pitch WordPress” talk before, but those talks or interviews are often given my crusty-old veterans of WordPress far-removed from the actual personal decision of choosing WordPress.. or NOT!In this episode of PressThis, we interview digital veteran Eric Sharp of ProtoFuse as he discusses his recent decision process for choosing WordPress as the CMS of choice for his agency.
We cover Eric’s journey ending in the summer of 2018 in deciding which CMS was the right choice for his business. Eric explores his decision process and how talent, capabilities, reputation, and ultimately success for his clients influenced how he made his decision.
Don’t listen to another industry veteran spout out about how to pitch WordPress to others. Listen to this episode of PressThis now and learn from someone who wasn’t already “all in” and had to make the best CMS choice for his business and his customers!

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